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Igniting learning since 2007

Planet Montessori is a quality child care facility and is managed by trained and experienced specialists in Early Childhood Education. We specialize in Full Day and Half Day programs.


At Planet Montessori, we firmly believe that children ought to be respected. We are proud advocates of the THREE-R interactions :

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”

– Albert Einstein

Montessori Methods

The Montessori Method of education focuses on allowing a child to learn in a hands-on environment. All furniture and material are custom-made to the child’s educational level. The children work with materials that are placed on low shelves for easy accessibility.

A small rug is provided to define a child’s personal space; one in which they can feel independence of others in their selection of materials. All aspects of the environment are inspected to ensure safety and security of a child being able to fully explore at his / her own developmental level.

The children eat meals and snacks on low tables with cube chairs so that they can engage in family-style meals with their friends.

Each Child is Unique

During the first three years, when brain growth is at its peak, parents and caregivers can make a tremendous difference to their child’s subsequent vocabulary and IQ. Three factors count :

  • The quantity of language spoken directly to the child,

  • The quality of language the child hears and

  • The caregivers’ style of interacting with the child.

We recognize that each child is different in needs and wants. Our concept of curriculum (plan for learning) centers firmly on connections and forming meaningful relationships. Our educational focus on infants and toddlers is supported by overwhelming studies confirming that the most critical years of a child’s life are from the ages of 0-3 years when the brain is in its most formative years.


Planet Montessori is set up on a 12000 sq feet landed property with huge gardens. The luxury of space allows us to have numerous fun outdoor activities, including sand play, physical activities involving slides, tunnels, climbing structures toys and blocks. There is also a large grassy area for sports, and child-sized picnic tables for outdoor meals (weather permitting). There is also space for the children to ride their little cars on. Montessori Practical Life water activities are available during outdoor playtime. Children will feel the cosy warmth of home in a learning environment with caring teachers.

Our Testimonials

“Thank you for the memorable K2 camps and Forest Adventures!”

Chong Ji Lian & Vincent, parents of Brandon, Kaylene, Tricia & Dylan

“Planet is a Preschool Sports Gem – in a league of their own!”

Tricia & Jason, parents of Callie & Ethan Lim

“Annual Sports Week..My favourite!!”

Rebecca & Bambang, parents of Mika

“We love the cycling expeditions at Planet Montessori!!”

Nik & Pei Ling, parents of Luke, Leanne & Leia

“I had no idea Zoe could cycle so far to the MBS and back!! Thank you Planet Montessori..”

Jennifer & James, parents of Zoe & Charlotte HeinRitz

“Our 3 kids are so blessed with caring teachers at Planet!”

Amir & Marilyn, parents of Sarah, Mika & Makin

“I love how Planet pushes Alana to master her roller blading skills; teaching her determination skills (life skills)..”

Suman & Rachel, parents of Alana & Reuben

“Planet Montessori.. A Sports Preschool Gem!

We are the proud parents of 2 confident, independent and sporty Planet kids, whom have benefitted strongly from Planet’s holistic curriculum. The dedicated team of Planet, focus beyond the academic development of the kids, encompassing social, emotional and also ethical education through the sports/outdoor activities that the kids engage. 

We can’t thank the school more in grooming our little ones into such self-motivated individuals. To teach is to touch a life forever. Thank you for touching ours!”

Jason & Tricia, parents of Callie & Ethan Lim

“Thank you Planet Montessori for providing such a great holistic education and development for my child. We love the passion of your team in making his learning journey so enriching, be it in academics, sports, arts or even life skills. We all love the annual Sports Week that you have for the kids and all the interesting field trips that you bring them to, not to mention the Graduation Camp for them as a rite of passage. And most of all, we thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous annual concert that your team and the kids put together for us every year. My child has definitely had his best memories there and have grown to become an independent and confident boy who’s coping really well in primary school now. Thank you again and keep up the great job!”

Rebecca & Bambang, parents of Mika
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