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Our school is headed by Hui, a passionate and fun-loving mother of two boys. Babyplanet was born out of a mother’s love for her young infant son. In 2004, the need for quality infant care was the bedrock of which Babyplanet was founded. It is a haven for infants and toddlers aged 2 months to 3 years old. In 2007, when her then older son turned 3, she founded Planet Montessori to prepare him for the rigours of Primary school using the Montessori philosophy. The teaching team at Babyplanet and Planet Montessori all have one thing in common : their love of children, their energy and their tireless commitment to ensure that we bring the best out of every child.

The teaching team at Babyplanet and Planet Montessori all have one thing in common; our love for children, our positive energy, and our tireless commitment to ensure that we bring out the best out of every child.


“Thank you so much for taking such good care of Indy and for all the extra help you give her with her walking and speech. I wouldn’t want her in any other childcare/school. You all are like an extension of our family. Indy loves school so much.”

Mr and Mrs Eaton parents of India Eaton

“Thank you for all your love and care you’ve showered on Caleb! We really appreciate! Caleb enjoyed going to school.”

Mr and Mrs Chong parents of Caleb Chong

“A huge Thank you for all that you do for children. All the “Bucket” boys have loved coming to Babyplanet!”

Peter and Nyree, parents of the Bucket boys

“Thank you for taking care of me and loving me, even though I can be a grumpy boy. You are truly appreciated!”

Mr and Mrs Ong parents of Oliver Ong

“Thank you for all your dedicated care, love and patience towards me, for I’m not the easiest baby to care for. I’m blessed to have teachers like you at Babyplanet!”

Mr and Mrs Wong parents of Keagan Wong

“Thank you for all the love and care you’ve given since ‘BabyEvan’ joined at 4 months old in March 2015. He loves coming to school each day and all of you. Thank you for helping him to learn and grow everyday.”

Mr and Mrs Carlson-Lee parents of Evan Carlson Lee

“Thank you …..
For giving me my own words in English and Mandarin
For giving me my first theatre experience –on and off the stage
For giving me my first Asian food experience;
For making everyday an adventure of learning!”

Mr and Mrs Toma parents of Erick Toma

“Thank you for doing everything that you do for Aanya and the other students. Her foundation at Babyplanet will take her a long way towards a happy and successful life. She will dearly miss you all in Toronto. We hope to come back and visit you for her to refresh her memories of Babyplanet!”

Mr and Mrs Daswani parents of Aanya Daswani

“Thank you for all the love and patience and care you have shown Timmy during his time with you. You have been a big part of our Singapore family and we feel very sad to leave. If only we could take you all to Melbourne!

Timmy has developed beautifully under the care of you all. We will always be grateful that his first experience of “school” has been so positive and nurturing.”

Mr and Mrs Burton parents of Timothy Burton

“It’s been three wonderful years since Devanshi has been with you all. I have only but good things to remember you all with. Thank you all for taking care of her in her prime years. She will really miss you all and her friends. Continuing with Planet Montessori is the only relief we have after bidding adieu to all of you!”

Mr and Mrs Pareek parents of Devanshi Pareek

“Thank you for the memorable K2 camps and Forest Adventures!”

Chong Ji Lian & Vincent, parents of Brandon, Kaylene, Tricia & Dylan

“Planet is a Preschool Sports Gem – in a league of their own!”

Tricia & Jason, parents of Callie & Ethan Lim

“Annual Sports Week..My favourite!!”

Rebecca & Bambang, parents of Mika

“We love the cycling expeditions at Planet Montessori!!”

Nik & Pei Ling, parents of Luke, Leanne & Leia

“I had no idea Zoe could cycle so far to the MBS and back!! Thank you Planet Montessori..”

Jennifer & James, parents of Zoe & Charlotte HeinRitz

“Our 3 kids are so blessed with caring teachers at Planet!”

Amir & Marilyn, parents of Sarah, Mika & Makin

“I love how Planet pushes Alana to master her roller blading skills; teaching her determination skills (life skills)..”

Suman & Rachel, parents of Alana & Reuben

“Planet Montessori.. A Sports Preschool Gem!

We are the proud parents of 2 confident, independent and sporty Planet kids, whom have benefitted strongly from Planet’s holistic curriculum. The dedicated team of Planet, focus beyond the academic development of the kids, encompassing social, emotional and also ethical education through the sports/outdoor activities that the kids engage. 

We can’t thank the school more in grooming our little ones into such self-motivated individuals. To teach is to touch a life forever. Thank you for touching ours!”

Jason & Tricia, parents of Callie & Ethan Lim

“Thank you Planet Montessori for providing such a great holistic education and development for my child. We love the passion of your team in making his learning journey so enriching, be it in academics, sports, arts or even life skills. We all love the annual Sports Week that you have for the kids and all the interesting field trips that you bring them to, not to mention the Graduation Camp for them as a rite of passage. And most of all, we thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous annual concert that your team and the kids put together for us every year. My child has definitely had his best memories there and have grown to become an independent and confident boy who’s coping really well in primary school now. Thank you again and keep up the great job!”

Rebecca & Bambang, parents of Mika